NAHBS 2012 – Day 1

Posted: 03/03/2012 by Eric L in Bike Show
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Fighting jetlag and fatigue, Brian and I marched across to the exhibition centre after breakfast. Like Jason Bourne getting his fake passport done, we have official, Paul, printing our Media permits in no time.


Soon after we walked in the exhibition hall, we got hit by a question. And I think many people can find who’s gonna build their bikes after the show.

Cyfac’s steel touring bike.

What’s better way to show Cyfac’s color schemes on actual tubes?

A bamboo bike call Panda – The One.

Cinelli’s single speed steel bike running on belt drive.

Got couple of these from Paul as souvenir. Thanks Kate!

Hong Kong originated Yipsan has three of his amazing bikes showing. He’s the pride of Sai Kung.

Koichi Yamaguchi’s apprentice Megan Dean is showing her work Moth Attack.

Independent Fabrication.

This handle bar looks familiar? Baum.

What’s this guy doing here? DeLorean.

The legendary Richard Sachs is in the house.

Twin Six’s here. Frankie would be happy.

Peacock Groove’s bloody bike. To fully understand this bike, Erik Noren, the framebuilder/owner, suggests the movie “Evil Dead 2″.

Bishop Bike. Chris is so nice and his bikes so full of amazing details and aesthetics. I WILL buy a bike from him.

Bishop’s super fine and smooth fillet brazed lug.

Chris made Victoire hubs lighter.

This year Cherubim keeps experimenting new shapes and challenging boundaries.

Designer of Cherubim Shin san.

Look who’s here? John Prolly.

We made a little video for Prolly introducing his bike, built by Bishop.

And while Brian’s shooting John’s bike, John shoots him. Expect a photo on ProllyNotProbably soon.

And this on Alleycat.

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